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YNITU Department of Labour Registration

YNITU Department of Labour Registration

The conception of the revolutionary organization called Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union has been similar to the high risk labour of a pregnant woman. From its inception on the 14th June 2015 at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Nurses Home Chapel, many Nurses were in fear of the stressors associated with being assertive in a marginalised profession that has caused Nurses to suffer in silence for 23 years into a democratic government.
Stereotypes about Nurses being cruel to the public, heartless to patients and even negligent yet the longest existing sweetheart trade unions have remained silent not advocating for the actual reasons causing South African Public Health Nurses to project their occupational stress caused by a kleptocratic and incompetently managed government public health system.
Young Nurses Indaba #YNI as initially known then began a massive campaign to UNITE Nurses across the country against their challenges hosting events embracing their female dominated profession misogynists employers patronize for being “a calling” to remind Nurses of their intellect, compassion and integrity to qualify for this profession to restore the image of our profession in our primary role of patient advocacy by demanding for radical transformation of the nursing profession associated with understaffing, short supply of medicines/ equipment, exorbitant nurse:patient ratios, uncompensated exploitation and underpayment.

Sweetheart trade unions in the health sector distanced themselves issuing press statements when Young Nurses Indaba empowered Nurses by engaging their respective trade unions to advocate for their call for radical transformation in nursing leading the first and only Nurses march to the South African Nursing Council as well as the National Department of Health on the 15th February 2016 handing over Nurses demands of which the two institutions have not responding to date. This did not deter Nurses as they continued their empowerment campaigns by marching to the Gauteng Department of Health with Community Healthcare Workers on 27th March to alarm the world of a catastrophic patient massacre happening with the closure of #LifeEsidimeni Mental Health Institutions and raise exploitative unfair labour practises of the government agency called #SmartPurse employing Community Healthcare Workers under the EPWP CWP programmes as long as 16 years without being permanently appointed whom are not registered under a Health Council to date performing fundamental nursing science duties as they were previously registered as Enrolled Nursing Assistants under the South African Nursing Council by colonial governments.
As expected with any revolution, counter revolutionary came with the unfair victimization by the Gauteng Department of Health on the YNI Founder and National spokesperson Ms Lerato Madumo-Gova on dismissed unfounded allegations, this further led to the Gauteng Department of Health suspending her after YNI was the only Nurses organization to bravely advocate other concerned groups on the 27th October 2016 against then Health MEC Dorothy Qedani Mahlangu on their killing of 37 Esidimeni Mental Health Users (MHUs) who have risen to 120 to date.
Today it is a high privilege to inform the world that after all these tribulations of being victimized, stalled and delayed of carrying the South African Nurses mandate for Young Nurses Indaba to unionise that on the 26th of September 2017 the Department of Labour Registrar has officially registered Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union (YNITU) with a publication of notice due on the 13th October 2017 on their role. Nursing in South African shall never be the same again with YNITU’s militant advocacy of radical transformation of nursing 23 years into democracy that has resulted in the continuous decapitated appalling standard of public health care for our patients. Only Nurses can radically liberate themselves against their own oppressors.
Released by YNITU:
Lerato Madumo-Gova
Mduduzi Ndlovu
YNITU Secretary General
082 533 9298

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