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The President of YNITU is a professional nurse who is very passionate about the restoration of the image of the nursing profession and the transformation of the healthcare system in general. He advocates for excellence and integrity, always encouraging all healthcare workers to excel and produce quality in their line of duty.

He is also a hardworking paediatric nurse specialist who has dedicated himself in advocating for children’s healthcare provision. He believes the cornerstone of every healthcare worker’s happiness and productivity lies in their economic emancipation.

 He has been working as a professional nurse since 2013 in the public sector. He believes the power of nurses in South Africa is in their unity.

“Strive to become the best you can possibly be and let nothing get in the way of achieving that. Remember, when things go wrong, don’t go with them”.



The 1st Deputy President, born and bred in Limpopo is a Registered Nurse. She matriculated at Tshiawelo Secondary School and then went on to study Environmental Science at the University of Venda.

Her love for nursing began when she was awaiting employment in the environmental science industry, she then decided to joining the nursing field in 2004.

She worked as a Nursing Assistant in the Western Cape in 2005 and moved to Limpopo in 2009 where she furthered her studies, obtaining her Diploma in General Nursing Science and Midwifery. She also obtained her certificate in Nutrition.

She prides herself in being an educator of health issues through local radio stations.

In Primary School, she was elected head of the LRC and then again, the Chairperson of the SRC in University.

“You will inspire some and annoy others. DO IT ANYWAY.”



The 2nd Deputy President of YNITU is a Registered Nurse hailing from Gauteng but now residing in Mpumalanga. She matriculated at Laban Motlhabi where she was a member of the SRC and a member of COSAS.

She started her nursing career in 2005 as a nursing assistant at Heidelberg Hospital. She then obtained her Diploma in General, Community, Psychiatric and Midwifery in 2017.

She joined YNITU IN 2018 and was elected the Chairperson at Heidelberg Hospital where she became a Nursing Revolutionary in uniting, restoring and empowering nurses.

She was a peer counsellor in Heidelberg and obtained her Diploma in Substance, Abuse, Addiction and Recovery. She is also a chaplain by profession.

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power and profession, but it is found in goodness, humility, service and character”.

Lerato Mthunzi


YNITU Founder and General Secretary is a Registered Nurse, Lecturer, Professional Public Speaker and Activist.

She started her leadership journey in high school as the Chairperson of the SRC and Debating Society. In 2004, she began her nursing career where she was elected the Public Relations Officer of the SRC and then went on to become the Deputy President of the SRC. She was also elected the Chairperson of the National Student Forum.

She started practising as a registered nurse, working for the Gauteng Department of Health where she took on the role of case manager in 2008. She moved on to Netcare where she was the Nursing Services Team Leader, Medical Services Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Customer Service Manager respectively.

In 2013, she took on the role of Nurse Lecturer at Ann Latsky Nursing College where she was elected the Chairperson of the Lecturer Forum.

Known for her astounding leadership skills, she founded Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union (YNITU) in 2015.

“No one will liberate NURSES, only NURSES can LIBERATE themselves”.



YNITU Deputy General Secretary started his nursing career in 2004, studied at KZN Nursing college. He has then worked in both public and private sector where he started to be an activist advocating for healthcare workers.

He experienced the victimization by both sectors and opted to be actively involved in fighting injustices within the South African healthcare system.

Ngiphile is an agent of change who believes in addressing social ills in order to experience democracy in our country. He founded and Chaired a NPO named Youth Against Substance Abuse (YASA) in KZN and Men in Making Against Domestic Violence (MIM-DAV) in Tshwane in anticipation of addressing social ills in our society. He believes in uniting nurses into one strong movement and empowering them with ethical and radical experience will definitely Restore nursing profession.

“It can take one day to liberate Healthcare workers, only if we could all understand the power we possess in the Healthcare system. We just need to unite and use it radical and militant”.



YNITU Treasurer General is a Professional Nurse and Clinical Nurse Practitioner. He prides himself in being a born-again Christian and a nurse activist.

He studied towards his undergrad Nursing Diploma, went on to do a B-Tech in Primary Healthcare and is currently waiting to be admitted for a M-Tech in Nursing.

He has participated in various leadership positions being a youth leader in church and championing the youth friendly services under Michael Maphongwana CDC.

He was elected one of the YNITU Convenors in Western Cape and continues to fight for the liberation of nurses as he embraces his new leadership position as the Treasurer General of the union.

”We chose a path that many avoided, we are determined to fight for dignity, decent salaries and liberation of our Health workers”.